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SEED services

Construction M & A
We will help companies with sales of less than 100 million yen, such as renovation companies, construction shops, and distribution stores, to continue their business. If you do not have a successor or are worried about the future of your business, you can also get some capital participation from major companies.
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Treasury and finance solutions
We provide support services to the president and the company strategically to "increase, protect, and take over assets." We have prepared a "free financial diagnosis report" to understand the current situation, organize financial issues, and summarize solutions, such as a management checkup.
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Inheritance and succession consulting
We need wisdom and experts to protect our assets. Among them, how to overcome inheritance is a big social issue. We provide a series of consulting and experts on investment, management and defense of personal assets.
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SEED thoughts.

しかしConstruction M & AAre different. Committed to helping the next generation to take over the business has built up the assets.
Focusing on starting after taking over the business, we will develop businesses that will be close to the manager's life after the buyer and buyer think it was good to make a decision together.
Also buyer corporate M & A strategy, and to unearth the best selling issues together outside M & A strategy room services at construction specialization.
While 1.27 million companies are said to be going out of business without a successor in the future, we will work to protect and pass on japan's property of small and medium-sized enterprises to contribute to the creation of a vibrant and prosperous society.
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Construction managers not to be missed!
If no successor is small M & A utilizing method
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